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Lizzy James "Misty" Bracelet/Necklace

$ 70.00 
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The Misty with goldplate dragonfly charm combines silverplate and 24kt goldplate into a unique leather wrap charm bracelet & necklace. The dragonfly charm is symbolic of transformation, lightness and joy. Handcrafted in the USA this artisan jewelry piece is available in over 50 leather colors.

  • double leather strand
  • can be worn as a wrap bracelet & necklace
  • silverplate & 24kt goldplate crescents
  • goldplate dragonfly charm attached
  • Important Tip: Goldplate wears differently on all people. Based on your body chemistry and amount of wear, your wrap may last months or years. To keep your goldplate Lizzy James wrap looking it’s best, we recommend you wear it on special occasions and allow it to have periods of rest.  Daily wear may reduce its lifespan.

  • includes beads and pendant as shown