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LeightWorks Wearable Fine Art

$ 43.00 

LeightWorks Story

Inspired by nature, travel, and adventure; San Diego, CA based artist, David Leight has created his award winning LeightWorks Handmade Crystal Jewelry since 2004. 

Using original techniques, LeightWorks is made with crystal and Sterling Silver designs. Each Piece is cut into a custom shape, polished or frosted, then layered with thin precious metals inside which make it glow from within.

This color technology, developed by NASA, in combination with our quality crystal designs produces a beautiful aurora prismatic glow of color on your skin. It glows in the daylight; changes color with the movement, and even reflects the colors of your outfit.

Our simple, elegant and unique designs are set in Sterling Silver and the color is layered inside meaning it will never fade; they're also durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Each piece is designed for adventure; bringing light and color, original style, simple elegance and a fantastic eye-catching quality to all who wear them.