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Hometown Candle Co.

$ 20.00 
What started out as a way to give back to addiction and recovery services by way of a coffee scented candle has turned into a family business. Tina and Russ were looking for a way to support a much needed cause near to their hearts. The start of one candle grew to a number of different scented candles named after local towns in their PNW part of Washington State. In January 2019 they were asked to create candles for the Grammy and MTV Movie Award Swag bags and decided at that time to take the idea out of state and customize labels for other businesses and cater to their town names. As both Tina and Russ have immense pride for the towns they both hail from, the company name was changed from PNW Candle Line to Hometown Candle Co. along with the tag line "where hometown pride shines bright."