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Hawaiian Sol Icy Relief Gel

$ 15.99 
SKU: 320112400629
Whether you missed an area of SPF application or got just a little too much sun on your jog or during your yard work adventures, this organic aloe formula will be there to relieve your skin of inflammation, sting, and redness. It duals as relief from bug bites or stings. Organic Aloe Vera | Burn Relief | Biodegradable Formula | Chemical Free | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Dye Free | Eco-Safe | Paraben Free | Hawaii Reef Compliant | USVI “Toxic 3 O’s” Law Compliant | Made in the USA Application: Apply directly to red and pink areas to soothe and relieve skin discomfort from sunburn and inflammation. Use in combination with Kukui Body Silk to enhance moisturization of burned areas and prevent peeling. Keep in the refrigerator for extra soothing!