We are here!

We are here!

Our journey to move into our new store began in February. We had lots to pack and plenty of construction in our new space to get underway. The first of March found us pushing hard to get it completed for our deadline.

Then...Covid-19 happened. Our new space was piled high with boxes of inventory, naked mannequins and construction dust and pieces. We were mandated to close the doors we had never opened. Our staff was furloughed. It was a scary time.

Hope arose when we were able to obtain one of the coveted Small Business loans. It was made available to us and our staff came back to work the third week of April. We spent the next few weeks doing what we never would have been able to do had we been open. Organize, clean, sort and toss out tons of stuff we will never use again. Sometimes there are silver linings. We continued to take online orders and do curbside pickups which was helpful.

Finally! We opened our doors this week with sanitizers, masks and wipes for everyone. Thank you to everyone who supported us and for all our customers who ordered and kept us busy. We can't wait to see you!

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